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Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing life science sectors. One of the great misconceptions is that opportunities in the sector are limited largely to those in early-stage research. While it is true that the industry is still in the nascent stages of commercial development compared to other more mature segments in the broader biopharmaceutical industry, careers in regenerative medicine span the full research and commercial spectrum from pre-clinical to clinical research in both academic and corporate settings, manufacturing, regulatory, quality, operations, logistics, finance, business development, marketing, sales, communications, and executive management.

Most analysts agree that in 2008 the industry passed the $1 billion mark in annual revenue generated from sale of approved therapeutic products falling under the regenerative medicine category. Furthermore, most large multinational life science companies are now investing heavily into the sector on the promise that it will revolutionize healthcare in the coming decades.

Lee Buckler, Managing Director of the Cell Therapy Group and frequent industry commentator, points to the 2008 decision by Pfizer to create a substantial new Regenerative Medicine division as a seminal turning point in corporate perspectives on the industry. Since that point most life sciences have begun investing in regenerative medicine strategies and the trend has even leaked outside of life science to companies such as Google Ventures which has identified regenerative medicine as one of their primary areas of interest when looking at companies in which to invest.

Most major universities have now created both academic and research programs dedicated to the emerging field of regenerative medicine such that there is a new class of graduates now emerging in both scientific and commercial disciplines with regenerative medicine as a primary focus.

However, one of the difficulties with finding a career in regenerative medicine is that it is comprised of what has heretofore been fairly discrete disciplines of stem cell biology, pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, tissue engineering, stem cell transplantation, device technologies, an cell therapies. There are as yet few, if any, recruiters focused on this industry and the results from major online job boards are often too-little or too-general.

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